Elemental Dungeons Tier List October 2023

Got a new elemental orb, check this Elemental Dungeons tier list to know if you should use it or not. All elements of the game have different moves based on the element. Some are capable of area damage, while some are focused on one enemy. Their damage rate also increases and decreases depending on the one you are facing. Some elements focus on healing and defense more than damage. So while raiding dungeons, it is best to have our top-rank elemental with you. This will help you clear the dungeon before the time limit.

Elemental Dungeons Element Tier List October 2023

Elemental Dungeons Element Tier List
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S Tier Elements

Here are the best elements to develop for OP powers and moves. Having just players of these listed elements is enough for clearing high-level dungeons.

  • Angel – Legendary
  • Reaper – Mythical
  • Lightning (Thunder) – Rare

A Tier Elements

Moves that you unlock with these elements are very useful. And you will easily get a hang of them.

  • Dragon – Legendary
  • Fire – Rare
  • Ice – Epic

B Tier Elements

They might not be the best, but they aren’t the weakest. Once mastered, they can be used to deal damage to enemy packs.

  • Galaxy – Mythical
  • Water – Epic
  • Wind (Air) – Rare

C Tier Elements

Even the elements listed below are not weak, it’s just that they are not as powerful as the above one. The element here is well capable of showing surprising results in front of some other elemental enemies.

  • Earth – Rare

How to Check and Change Element in Elemental Dungeons

How to Check and Change Element in Elemental Dungeons
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You can check your current element by going into the Inventory from the bottom right corner. Inventory opens the Equipment section in the right part of it. There you will see the element and button of Traits. This Traits option shows which elements you are weak against and those you are strong against.

Now, talking about how to change elemental power. You do that by going to the Elements option in the left corner and then using Gems to Roll Magic. After obtaining a new element, you can consume it from the Inventory to change the element. By selecting the orb you can also check the moves it offers.

That’s all for the Elemental Dungeons tier list. If you found this useful, you should check our other Roblox guides from the same game. You can access Trello and Discord with our guides and get Gems to Roll Magic with our Elemental Dungeons codes.