BG3 Spaw Or Glut: Who To Side With In Baldur’s Gate 3?

Wondering how to choose wisely Spaw or Glut in Baldur's Gate 3? This guide explains which one is the best.

Beneath the ruins of Baldur’s Gate, the Myconid colony of the Underdark maintains a fragile peace. The fungal people live as one under the leadership of Spaw, but tensions are rising. Glut, a dissenting Myconid, seeks to overthrow Spaw and take control of the colony for himself. This guide helps should you side with Spaw or Glut in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3).

Kill Spaw or Glut in BG3?

Side With Spaw Or Glut In Baldur's Gate 3 (BG3)

We recommend that you side with Spaw. Keeping him in power allows you to continue quests and activities within the Underdark. You gain access to more resources, loot, and opportunities to advance side questlines by maintaining the status quo. While Glut promises more freedom, overthrowing Spaw risks destabilizing the grove and potentially leading to its destruction.

Siding with Glut (Rewards)

Glut sees himself as the rightful sole ruler and thinks Spaw is weak. He wants to expand the Myconid colony’s power. However, Glut can’t necessarily be trusted. He’s ambitious and manipulative, using you to do his dirty work.

Killing the entire peaceful colony is an extreme act, even if they don’t resist. It shows Glut is ruthless in getting what he wants. In the long term, having Glut in charge could lead to more conflict and aggression from the Myconids, which impacts other races.

Siding with Spaw (Rewards)

Spaw’s priority is protecting his people, not domination or expansion. He takes a more cautious approach. The Myconid colony has co-existed peacefully for a long time under Spaw’s leadership. It’s not clear Glut could maintain that.

Spaw rewards your loyalty personally by giving you the rare and powerful Shadow of Menzoberranzan helmet. His title, “Kin Spirit,” suggests you’ll have the Myconids’ trust and protection going forward in the Underdark. Helmet and title could provide more quests/factions to ally with later than Glut’s items.

That’s it for Spaw or Glut in BG3. Be sure to check out our BG3 section for more help on other topics of this game.